Christmas Tree Confetti

Christmas Tree Confetti


Oh Christmas Tree Confetti!

Use these Tree Confetti Cut Outs to add on to place cards, scatter on table tops as confetti or add to scrapbooks. No matter how you use them, our high-quality products will deliver exactly what you are looking for.  Bonus, the metallic cardstock has a soft shimmer on both sides!  (matte cardstock available too)  

*Fairway Green Metallic Cardstock, Gold Leaf Metallic Cardstock and Lime Green Metallic Cardstock Pictured
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♥ STATS: 1"x 1" 
♥ Heavy Metallic Cardstock (107lb) or Matte (100lb-110lb)
♥ 50 trees per order 
♥ The Metallic Cardstock has shimmer on both sides.
♥ Free Shipping on any additional packages ordered!
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Matte Cardstock