Tropical Getaway Fan Programs 4 Petals With No Ribbon

Tropical Getaway Fan Programs 4 Petals With No Ribbon


Wedding programs are the first tangible connection guests have to your big day. These wedding "fan" programs will give your guests a taste of what is in store, sets the tone and gives them the information they would like to know and everyone loves a conversation piece!
For your programs, I strive to do all the work for you because I know that, as a bride, you've got enough on your plate already! The programs come READY TO HAND OUT on your special day (that means we design, print, trim & assemble them). I can customize these Wedding Fan Programs with all your wedding info, incorporate your wedding colors, create your own petal titles, choose the best ribbon to match your wedding, etc. 
These come with a silver or gold eyelet (your choice of color) to secure the fans together. We use the larger eyelets while others use smaller sizes. This allows a wider and more beautiful ribbon to be used plus the upmost security! 
We used our 107lb Pearl White Metallic Cardstock for these programs pictured.. It is heavy weight and will not "fold" over. Your wedding program will be sturdy and durable. We use the best quality of each component of your program. We do not make an inferior program to anyone on the market. 

  • Product Information

    Price includes:

    ♥ 4 Petals plus Design
    ♥ Proofs/layout and unlimited proofing
    ♥ Metallic or Matte card stock paper 
    ♥ black or colored ink (no additional fees)
    ♥ large eyelet -Very Secure Hold (will not come apart!!)
    ♥ Arrive fully assembled