Rosemary Sprigs • Set of 10 • Choose your size!

Rosemary Sprigs • Set of 10 • Choose your size!


Fresh Cut Rosemary Sprigs straight out of the garden of the owner of Infinity Paper! She will cut to order & ship same day/next day if possible. The owner will wrap in a moist paper towel, so open your package & place in your refrigerator or hang for drying. No pesticides are used on her Rosemary as its own natural pest repellent.

We can do a large order for weddings!! Send us a convo!!

Many uses for Rosemary:


You can also use fresh Rosemary, Lemon Slices, Vanilla & water in a crock pot for a clean aroma that is similar to Williams Sonoma smell. 


Cut Rosemary into small pieces (removing the stems), add salt and zest of a lemon for the best seasoning to use on Pork, Chicken, Fish and Beef!


Recent study's say smelling Rosemary will increase memory!!