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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does customization costs?

On any printed order, nothing!*  We start customizing your order once it comes in. 

Your order is assigned to one of our designers and we will send you a

proof as soon as it has been completed and ready for you to view.

*Design fee for canvas printing: $18.75

How do I purchase a sample for one of your fan programs?

Please use the listing below to order as many as you need!


~ Can I see a customized sample with my colors, verbiage and then mailed to me?

Yes!  Most of our listings have the CUSTOMIZED SAMPLE option for you to choose from.  With this option selected, we will fully customize with your verbiage you provided and send you proof(s).  We will print, cut and ship once you let us know your proof is perfect and ready for printing.  BONUS: You can leave feedback on our website and receive a 10% off coupon code to use towards your full order!

~ How many revisions do I receive before being charged extra?

Don’t be afraid of the editing process - We are excited to hear your feedback and refine your design until it perfectly captures you and your event! We don't charge extra for any additional proofs.  We will create till you are satisfied!

~ I would like all my items coordinating, can I place an order for invitations now and place an order for Day-of-items later on?

You sure can and as a matter of fact it is recommended to place the Programs/day-of items order closer to the event, so that your details are more finalized.

~ What is your turnaround for your items?

Turnaround time changes throughout the year depending upon the season. Please contact us prior your purchase if you are in a timeframe.  We have resources to help you receive your order on time!

You can also RUSH YOUR DESIGN by adding this option to your cart along with your order.  With this option, your ordder becomes a priority and we will work on your order immediately.


(We can send you a proof in 24 hours or less M-F)


~ I like a design but would like to change some of the fonts in it, can I do this?

Yes!  We sure can customize your fonts; just let us know your preference.

~ Can I request any color change?

Most color changes can be accommodated.  Please go to to pick out your exact color tones you want us to use!

~ I want to order the fan programs.  Is there a limit on text per page/petal?

We will fit all your verbiage as much as we can without it looking too small to read.  If your verbiage becomes too hard to read, we will recommend you adding on another petal or print on the backside.

~ I would like to order cardstock and/or ribbon samples.

Please order here:











~ I would like to order png, pdf and/or jpeg images.

Our prices are as follows:


















~ How much is shipping?

Shipping orders is done via USPS priority shipping or UPS unless otherwise specified or requested. Yes, we ship Internationally.  Choose your options at checkout! 

~ I live close to Houston, Texas. Can we arrange for pick up?  Is there a shipping fee?

We can arrange for pick up and there will be no shipping fee.  Choose LOCAL PICKUP at checkout!


We do deliver to certain areas of Houston for a small fee.

 ~Can I visit your shop (or call your studio)?
Infinity Paper is an online stationery supplier so we don’t have a brick and mortar store. If you need to contact us, please drop us an email or text 832-257-6980. We prefer to have everything in writing so that we can keep track of all your requests and decisions (and our responses) otherwise we are likely to forget the details of a phone chat as we deal with many clients every day. We have found this really does make for clearer understanding over the period that we work together, and is much safer when dealing with precise print work.
If you can articulate all your questions in an email, we would love to answer them and will answer them promptly!

We now provide in-person appointments!  Please click on BOOKINGS on our homepage.

~ If I order invitations, programs, menu cards today, can I order extras later on?

You sure can!  We keep all files on hand for immediate print and processing.

~ Will you package my order to protect my stationery due to any weather elements or handling during the shipping process?

Absolutely!  We package all our products in plastic bags, bubble wrap (if needed) and styrofoam to protect your order.  We take pride in the way we package and ship!

~ Can you design and print invitations in languages other than English?
Yes, we can do non-English text, assuming the fonts we use can support your preferred language's characters. 
Please send the text exactly as you want it printed.

~ What are your return policies?
After the order has been placed, proofs approved and printing has begun, the order is considered finalized. Infinity Paper is not responsible for any mistakes or misspelling on your order, as we provide unlimited amounts of proofing and we don't print till you give us the green light.  So you shouldn't ever have an issue but if there is an issue with your order and you would like to discuss returning it, please contact us within 7 business days of receipt.

If you are returning a non-customized product, the Return shipping will be at customer’s expense, and once the order is returned (complete and unused) a 90% refund of the order less the shipping price will be given.

(We have a 10% restocking fee due to the labor costs it took to create your order.)
If you receive your order and you are not happy about them, talk to us and let us know; we will try our best to accommodate your needs; especially if something was our fault.

What are your standard stationery sizes?

We are known for our custom cuts but below are our standard stationery sizes for many projects!

PNG, PDF, JPEG release prices.png
Stationery Options Post.PNG
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