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Top 10 Things I Wish I Did For My Wedding

Below are the Top 10 Things I really wished I did for my wedding and do keep in mind that I did my research and asked friends that have been married before their thoughts and advice a year before the wedding and I still have these regrets. A bride and groom are so overwhelmed at this time in their life with “oh you should do this”, “buy this and don’t buy that”, “you need to go here for this appointment and here for this” that some things get overlooked or they end up wanting to save money since having a wedding can get very expensive. I was told “oh some things you can do without.” True, like I voted against an ice sculpture! BUT I do wish I did spend money elsewhere ….

1. I wish I spent money to have menus for my guests. I was so overwhelmed the last month before the big day that I didn’t even worry about it. So my guests ended up having a surprise dinner! What was I thinking… again… I was not!

2. I wish I spent money on a “day-of coordinator”. I needed someone on this day to make sure everything was in place. Instead, I had my mother-in-law running around with her head cut off and she ended up being one of the last one’s to get ready. This really bothered me because she is very special to me (since my mom has passed) and it would have been better to have her spend the memorable moments with me. Also, I found out the day of my wedding that the family members that I put in charge of decorating my tables ended up passing it off to people that didn’t really know me, what I liked and how I wanted things set up. I even made a booklet with pictures with step by step instructions but when I walked in to my reception, nothing was in the right place! We love our friends and family but these are not the people to hire. Spend the money on a day-of coordinator!

3. I wish I spent money on lighting, smoke and a décor crew. My reception ended up looking bare and boring. My hubby and I wanted everyone to have fun and have a party! Nothing in the room screamed let’s have a good time!! I didn’t realize how big of a difference hiring a lighting company would have been. It is one of my biggest regrets I have. I know it sounds like a little thing but it still bothers me till this day.

4. I wish I made after party plans for everyone. The after party was an after thought! It was more made up at the last minute since we had to leave the reception place by a certain time. Everyone just got “started” and wanted to keep celebrating. I had no idea this was going to happen or I would have planned it so I would have my sisters and maid of honor there. (You know, my bridal party!)

5. I wish I mentioned somewhere in my wedding program that we were going to have a photobooth or had signs placed letting guests know of the existence of a photobooth. My guests told me later that they had no idea we had a photobooth in the reception room. And going through the funny pictures after the wedding was one of our best moments!

6. I wish I had hashtag signs made. This way I could have more pictures to see after the wedding because I wanted to reflect on our amazing night. I wanted to see my guests having fun and enjoying our celebration. Your wedding will happen so fast, that you want to see these moments. The hashtag helps keep your photos all in one place so you can find them. Trust me, your guests will forget to send them to you!

7. I wish I hired a videographer!! This one is a big one for me. I was told to save my money but I really regret this decision. My daughter Aubrey said the most amazing speech to her Step Dad and now that we have a baby, I would love for the little one to hear what her sister said about her dad when she gets older. ♥ Plus, there were not enough pictures to capture the moments that I would love to see. I feel like I missed out on our wedding. I was so busy with go here, do this, take this pic, that it wasn’t as enjoyable for me. Watching a video would have given me this joy! Spend the money!!!

8. I wish I spent money on a Honeymoon. I was told book your Honeymoon before the wedding or you won't go. Sure enough, they were right! Still till this day, we have not had a honeymoon and I feel like getting away after the wedding to really connect would have been super memorable and special. Spend money on a Honeymoon!

9. I wish I had a second dress to change into and comfortable shoes. This would have made it more fun and I would have been more comfortable. Plus, we ended up going to an after party. I had to borrow an out of town friend’s sandals and mail them back to her later in the week. Btw, I’m a high heel girl and I wish I had flats!

10. And last but not least…. I wish I hired an Event Planner! I think a lot of my “wish I did this” would be eliminated on this list! I know I’m a planner at heart but I didn’t have the time and energy to plan it all. I think my reception would have turned out much better and I wouldn’t have the feeling of “I wish I could plan it all over again.” Spend the money on an Event Planner!! (I’m not paid to say this! lol)

I did plan a lot of things right but these are my top 10 things I wish I had done if I could do it all over again. (And of course I don’t plan to do it all over again!) I now sell in my shop all the things you need in order to save you from the pain of “I wish I did….”

Now my best advice, do roll with the punches as things will go wrong on your wedding day. On my big day, I put in my head… All that matters is to walk down that aisle and kiss the man I love to make him mine forever! The End!!!